Sound Alerts 2.0

June 01, 2019

Sound Alerts is now just a little more than a year old and it's finally time for a new refreshing redesign of the popular Twitch extension. The past months my designer and I, with the help of Twitch, spent a lot of time in creating this new update and we are really happy to present it to you now.

With Sound Alerts 2.0, streamers are no longer stuck to the one purple color design. They now have the freedom to change the color of the Sound Alerts UI to fit their style. If the streamer wants a blue colored Sound Alerts panel on their channel, they can now change it to a blue color.

We created a new more visually appealing overlay alert.

It's not only important to hear the Sound Alerts but also to see what happened. Every time a Sound Alert is played, an overlay alert will show up the video feed which shows who triggered the sound and the number of Bits used. This does not only give streamers the possibility to personally thank the user for the support but also engages more users to interact with the stream.

Thanks to the streamers feedback a lot of good ideas has been gathered and new features are constantly in development.

In the coming weeks, we will add more customizing options for the overlay alert. Additionally, we will implement localization and make it easier to search the right sounds from the library which already has more than 40,000 different sound files uploaded by streamers.

The new design for the component version of Sound Alerts is expected to be released on July 15th.

Install the extension here