Sound Alerts 2.1

June 18, 2019

Another big update for Sound Alerts has been released yesterday which brings three new exciting features and a lot of performance updates.

1. Discover Sounds

The first major change is the ability to search for sounds. The Sound Alerts sounds library has currently a total of more than 40k sound files uploaded by streamers. It's difficult to discover good sounds that fit each individual streamers need. With so many sound files in the library, the possibility is high that you can just easily find and use the sound you are looking for with the new search function, instead of manually uploading the sound yourself.

2. New overlay alerts

With the big UI redesign update early June, we also added more color customizing options for the extension. Additionally, a new overlay alert design has been implemented. Overlay alerts are important to know what happened when Sound Alerts has been played on the stream. With this update, we added even more customizing options for the overlay alert.

3. Browser Source check

Do you have scenes where you do not want to be interrupted by any alerts or you sometimes stream IRL where you do not have the Sound Alerts browser source implemented? Then this update might be good for you! Before viewers can play Sound Alerts, there will be a check if the broadcaster's Sound Alerts browser source is currently online.

Install the extension here